Got Garmin?

Got Garmin?

Just a quick post on this Sunday, as it is a beautiful day outside.

One week removed from the LA Marathon and I went for my first long run this morning. I would have gone yesterday, but since Friday night was my birthday and the libations were flowing freely, I opted to sleep in on Saturday morning and shift my weekly long run one day (I’m sure you approve).

I was wondering if I’d feel fully recovered or if there would be lingering stiffness with my legs (I was still feeling it a little on Thursday). This was also going to be my first solo long run of 2014, now that the T2 training program is done until October. Now for those of you wondering… YES, I signed up for the 2015 LA Marathon and the T2 training program on Tuesday, right after they put up the notice. And I’m clearly not the only crazy one as several of my T2 brothers and sisters have given their “thumbs up” to training again in the fall too.

Back to my solo run. It turns out that one of the T2 alumni who didn’t get to run last week wanted to do 11 miles today and put out the notice to the group. It seems that I and our coach JC were the duo who responded “Bring it on.” Unfortunately, she woke up this AM with a fever and had to back out. So, my running coach and I laced it up and did the 11-miles as a duo. It was a fun time as JC and I got to banter back and forth for two hours, something I don’t normally get to do as JC’s usually overseeing about 100 runners. It was a fun time.

And as for wondering whether or not my stamina and strength were back or if my legs were still hurting, JC said we’d run at whatever pace I wanted today. At around mile 9.5 of our 11 mile run he made one comment out of the blue…

“Somebody’s feeling good today.”

When I looked at him, JC remarked that I was picking up the pace considerably. It was around that point that my Garmin beeped to inform us of an impending walk break. My response…

“Let’s skip the breaks the rest of the way.”

And we were off. The run felt good. I’m ready to get back to it and prep for the Hollywood Half Marathon on April 5th.

Oh, and tomorrow night I’ll be doing a St. Patrick’s Day “Bar run”…pictures will be coming.

Have a great Sunday and… Run on!

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  1. It’s always nice to feel that you are “back” after a hard race.
    Are the splits on your Garmin set up by time for running/walking times?

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