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Hail hail, the gang's all here. "Team Roadkill" posing for our weekly selfie.

Hail hail, the gang’s all here. “Team Roadkill” posing for our weekly selfie.

So my three week holiday/vacation/workfest reached its end and I’m finally back in Los Angeles (Lindy gets back tonight).

Needless to say my first few days back in town have been a blur. Friday was spent just getting my bearings. I had to deal with three weeks of accumulated mail/bills, oodles of unanswered e-mails, laundry, cleaning and taking down my Christmas decorations.

On Saturday I did my first run with my T2 gang in four weeks. Now while I did do some running on vacation, I was a little lax and I need to get back into the running swing of things. Oh, and battling a cold and some leftover jetlag didn’t make things any easier. Fortunately, we had just an 8-mile recovery run.

Next Sunday, I’ve got my first race of the year: The Star Wars Half Marathon down at Disneyland. It’s going to be a fun time and this padawan is looking forward to pounding some pavement in a galaxy far far away.

Not much time to post this week as I’m going to try and stay off-line as much as possible. I’ve got a script that needs finishing… more on that in the future. But I’ll be back this weekend to discuss the race (and throw out as many Star Wars running puns as possible).

Good to be back.

Run on!

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