Now some of you seeing the title above might might think this post is about running in cozy shoes.

These are the jammies you're looking for.

These are the jammies you’re looking for.

Or perhaps pounding the pavement whilst (I love the word “whilst”…thanks Britain) wearing your favorite winter “jammies.”

You’d be mistaken.

NOTE: For the record, wearing jammies on a run would probably chafe something fierce in the nether regions.

Actually this brief tidbit is just about running in an environment that is both familiar and fun. The kind of run that gives you the “warm fuzzies.”

And for me, no running environment is more friendly or soothing to my sweaty soul than lacing ’em up and running with my running family: the gang at TEAM TO END AIDS (T2).

This week I did my first Saturday run of the season with T2, as we begin training for the 2016 Los Angeles Marathon (on Valentine’s Day). This will be my 7th time running LA with them.

As I hopped out of my car at Griffith Park at 7:00am, I smiled as I saw our T2 banners waving in the wind (at least they would have waved if there was any wind) and a sea of red shirts gathering by our regular meeting place.

I walked up and greeted several old friends and was introduced to several “newbie members” (aka future friends).

We are T2!

We are T2!

Coach JC got things started with his weekly group salutation of “Good morning T2!” yelled at the top of his lungs. It’s tradition with T2 and doesn’t get old. He rattled off his week 2 run prep spiel (I was out of town for week 1) which at this point I could almost recite along with him.

We then broke into our pace groups and I saw that my group (“Roadkill”) was about 90% alumni runners, with just a sprinkling of first timers.

It’s a true testament to T2 that so many of our runners are veterans who don’t really need a group to train for a marathon. We just choose to come back year after year because we love the people and support the cause.

This week’s run was just a simple and short 5-mile jaunt along a familiar route that I could run with my eyes closed. I spent a good chunk of the running talking to one of the new runners, learning about her and answering any questions she had.

T2 Flags

Banners in the non-breeze.

And before I knew it, we were back in Griffith Park and our run was done. I probably should have added a few more solo miles at the end of the run (got another half marathon in 4 weeks), but I’m still recovering from last week’s quad-killing Big Cottonwood Half. I figured a light week wouldn’t hurt.

So, I said my goodbyes to the group, told ’em I see them all next week and made my way to my SUV.

Just 20 more weeks until the LA Marathon.

Yup, 20 Saturday runs (minus a few that I’ll miss to other races and vacation) with my running family.

And when the mileage gets high or the weather gets nasty, as long as I’m with them I’ll still be running comfy.

Get fuzzy… and Run on!

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  1. Great post!! Love your sense of humor 😉 I’m a tiny bit envious you have your T2 group, nothing like that in my region unless I want to sacrifice my Saturday mornings and drive an hour away (and an hour back). Such is life.

    • Thanks for the note. I feel really lucky to be part of T2. Although, it was kind of fortuitous how I chose them. There were other charity groups and running teams around LA, but they were mostly on the other side of town. T2 just happened to be located right nearby where I lived, so I gave them a try first. Turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  2. They sound like a great group and it a wonderful cause they, and you, support.
    I just started training for LA, it is my very first marathon (Disney Half earlier this month was my first real race!). I am going to look into some local groups a friend recommended. I am up to 14 solo but I can only sing along to The Business for so long before my voice gets annoying even to myself. Someone threatening me with no coffee unless I finish the whole lot would be a change.

    • Thanks for the note. Congrats on completing your first Half (how did you like Disney). And you’re going to love the Los Angeles Marathon. It’s a wonderful course and a great atmosphere. Interesting twist that it’ll be Valentine’s Day this year (because of the Olympic trials). Let me know what local group you join and how your training goes. And what made you decide to become a marathoner?

      • Hi

        I really enjoyed the Disney Half. I am not keen on Disneyland itself but the race was really fun. It was really neat the way Disney and the community turn out to support the runners. I would definitely be tempted to run more of their races but the pricetag is a bit high.

        I started running as a way of getting exercise (with the zombie 5k app), discovered that it was/is an excellent form of therapy and exercise. I set the goal of being able to run 13.1 by my late husband’s birthday in March, accomplished that, and then ran Disney just before what would have been our anniversary. I find that I love running, and truth be told, often would rather run than walk or drive. That said, have you seen the Rock n Roll Vegas full and half blingy medals? Those bad boys glow and spin! I wish we were running one them…

  3. Hmmmm…I wish I proofed my reply and took out a bunch of my reallys.

    • Never underestimate the power of a properly placed “really” (and its cousin “very”). As for Disney, they certainly know how to put on a race (decades of running theme parks seem to have paid off in regards to organization). But yes, the prices are quite out of whack with other races.

      Congrats on undertaking the challenge of running and following through. It is quite an addictive feeling (gotta love them endorphins). As for Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll, they have a history of pretty cool medals… from the casino themed “playing card” and “betting chip” medals to the glow in the dark ones (I’ve got two of those) they make for a nice bit of bling. I always like it when races go a step beyond the standard bling (or shirt or swag).

      Keep on running and let me know what races you’re thinking of doing next.

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