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"That's the fact, Jack."

“That’s the fact, Jack.”

Those readers who have been following Tripping The Kenyans since Day One know that my feet are far from perfect.

For newer readers, let me just say: My feet are sorta messed up… always have been, especially ole “righty.”

So messed up in fact that some of my earliest posts (dubbed by moi as “The Freaky Foot Chronicles”) highlighted some of their inherent nastiness.

You can flashback and check them out here if you’d like.

To summarize, I’ve been dealing with:

  • Overlapping toes (which I handle using Injinji toe socks)
  • Extremely high arches (which I battle with custom made orthotic inserts)
  • Early stage arthritis in my right foot big toe  (courtesy of dropping a cabana on it years ago)

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