Woo hoo!

I remember way back when I was 9 years old (you know, when dinosaurs roamed the earth) and my 10th birthday was just around the corner.

I felt that reaching “double digits” was going to be a monumental feat. I had finally earned that “big boy” status. And I got to eat a stupid amount of birthday cake to celebrate that milestone.

This Sunday I will hit the double digits in a different way. This Sunday at the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon I will run my 10th full marathon.

Now to many of my running “brethren” and “sistren” (okay I know it’s not a word, but you still understood it), 10 full marathons is just a drop in the racing bucket. I’ve got personal friends of mine who have run dozens, even hundreds of full marathons (they impress the hell out of me). However, that 26.2 mile trek still humbles this boy.


I love LA!

For me, the half marathon has become my race of choice. In the past 7 years, I’ve notched 43 half marathons and if all goes according to plan, later in 2016 I should eclipse the half marathon half century mark. I typically am always in or close to half marathon shape.

I know how to handle the 13.1 mile distance pretty darn well at this point and it doesn’t freak me out. When it comes to running the half marathon, I am really not worrying about “if” I finish, but rather “when.”

The full marathon is another beast entirely.

I have heard it said that you run a half marathon; you survive the full.

And to be honest, the full marathon distance has kicked my ass when I’ve run it in the past…




No matter my fitness level, no matter my game plan, I have always paid a visit to desperation alley sometime during the marathon and slammed face first into “the wall.”


Thumbs up for T2!

Sometimes, like at the 2014 OC Marathon, I was able to bounce back and still finish strong (it’s where I PR’d). Other times, the wheels just came off entirely and it took every bit of willpower just to keep moving and reach the end.

As my running coach told us this past week (as he tells us every year): “Respect the distance.”

I do.

So on Sunday, I will don my T2 race gear, lace up my running shoes and head to Dodger Stadium at 4:30am in morning for the daunting 26.2 mile trek from the “stadium to the sea.”

And when it’s done, I will once again be in double digits.

Time once again to be a “big boy.”

Run on!

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  1. Yeah, hitting 10 marathons was a big deal. My last one (Des Moines) was huge…15th marathon, 10th state, back to back marathons, 4 stars on MM, qualified for membership in the 50 states marathon club. Each milestone is exciting. Have fun!

    • Thanks for the note. I am looking forward to Sunday’s race, ready to push myself. What’s your next milestone (’cause you’ve already hit a lot).

  2. …and, yeah, it kicks my ass every time. Not sure if I will do more. Halfs are fun. Fulls are pain. I have the Fargo Half coming in May. I would like to bump it to the full (traveling 3 hours each way, overnight stay, new state for 50 states) but I have barely been running and I doubt I would be prepared to even walk the darn thing the way my motivation has been lately. Dark Side half in April. If I get through that smiling, I’ll consider it…

    • …didn’t see your second comment before I replied. Keep on pounding pavement! I’m not sure yet what my next race will be… either the Great Race of Agoura half in March or Hot Chocolate 15K (never tried that distance before). Then I’ve got the Hollywood Half in April and the REVEL races(Vegas and Denver) in May and June.

  3. I think first of all that you are going to nail this one! Secondly, let’s switch houses for a year so that I can live on the west coast and try some of the iconic races that you get to do so easily, and you can try some new ones here.

    • A runner exchange program. Sounds like a good idea (Runner B ‘n’ B). Thanks for the note. What’s next for you?

      • Pacing a Half and Full next month, and trying to figure out if I can make the trip to Mt. Charleston or not. So difficult for me squeeze in Revel trips since all of them require cross country travel and air/ hotel/rental car expenses. Good grief!

      • Very cool. Hope you can make it to Mt. Charleston. I understand it’s not just a hop, skip and a jump there for you. I’ll be driving it to Vegas and am looking for air fare for Denver and Salt Lake City.

  4. Seems like we have very similar experiences and perspectives on this. LA will be my fifth (and last, at least for a while) marathon. And at all of the previous four, the last 6-8 miles have been a battle. Strategy doesn’t matter . . . it always happens. This year, I’m just going to do what no one ever should do. I’m running my half marathon pace for as long as I can, and then drag my ass the rest of the way. I figure it’s going to end up around 4:30 – 4:45 anyway, so I may as well get to the wall as fast as I can. So if you see me lying in a heap somewhere along San Vicente Blvd, please pause my Garmin and help me up, okay?

    Half marathons, though, that’s where I shine (no bald jokes here, please). Next one is coming up just two weeks after LA, and it’s sure to be the highlight of my year. Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans.

    • Sounds like a plan and I hope it works. I’m working on my profanity right now so I have a myriad of curse words ready when it starts to hurt. Hope to see you this weekend (and not in a heap on the road). And I’ll be anxious to hear about Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans.

  5. woot woot!!!!! I’ll have #5 coming up this summer (actually, it’s an ultra, so I’ll be going a tad bit further than a mere 26.2 miles…but I’m still counting it). I also love the 13.1, and am always kinda “13.1-ready.” The full definitely is another beast entirely. A beast I am not afraid of, but a beast none-the less. Good luck!!

  6. Congrats on the double digits. I hope you had a great run today. The heat got pretty beastly for a bit. It, along with a couple other situations, kicked my tail but I finished. Slower than I would have liked, but I finished. Next time I am going to do better. By the by, were you wearing your striped socks and T2 shirt? If you were I think I saw you on the course.

    • Thanks for the note. And congrats on your run. It was a very tough run for me yesterday (working on a post right now). And yes, I was clad in my T2 shirt and striped calf sleeves. Recovering today (and nursing one helluva blister) but looking ahead.

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