Leave it to a child to speak their mind… and make you work yours in the process.


Thumbs up runnin’.

This past Saturday I was out with the T2 crew doing a 10-mile taper run (we’re just two weeks away from the LA Marathon). My pace group “Team Roadkill” (10 of us) was running down a street in Burbank when we happened up a family (mom, dad and three small children) out for a walk.

As we approached this future Brady bunch, all of us waived and said “hi” (Team Roadkill is polite in addition to being sweaty). The parents returned our salutation, but what got our attention was what one of the kids uttered as we rumbled past.

“Why are all those people running?”

We all immediately broke out laughing and commented on how we should change our name to “Team Why are we Running?” After a few moments, the subject changed back to whatever we were gabbing about before the oh-so-cute encounter.

But the words of that innocent and curious cutie stuck with me.

Why do I run?

I think I could probably write a dissertation explaining in great detail the multitude of reasons why I constantly put one foot in front of the other. But for the sake of brevity (and some silliness) I thought I’d give myself a time limit (say three minutes, using the microwave) to create my list.

So here goes: I RUN BECAUSE…

  1. I want to be healthier.
  2. I want my jeans to fit better.
  3. I want to push myself.
  4. I want to prove to myself that I am capable of more.
  5. I want to prove to myself that I can work through adversity.
  6. It usually feels good.
  7. Sometimes it feels great.
  8. Even when it feels awful, it still feels better than not doing it.
  9. It clears my mind.
  10. It allows me to (zen) or zone out.
  11. It allows me to work sh#t out in my head.
  12. It gets rid of any pent up anger/frustration/wanting to choke the sh#t of people.
  13. It’s far cheaper than therapy.
  14. I like burgers and beer.
  15. I really like burgers and beer… and nachos.
  16. It gives me a rare chance to unplug.
  17. It gives me a chance to be alone if I want.
  18. It gives me a chance to be with friends if I want.
  19. It gives me a chance to be part of something bigger.
  20. I like starting.
  21. I like finishing.
  22. I like the journey in between.
  23. I like the shirts, swag and bling.
  24. I can.
  25. Someday I won’t be able to.

And time is up.

As I reread the list I can already think of a few dozen more, but that would go against the rules that I just made up.

It’d be nice to see that inquisitive child again and explain the list to them. Perhaps they’d understand, perhaps they wouldn’t. Perhaps they’d tell their mom and dad that they want to run too.

That would be cool.

Or perhaps they’d just change the subject as kids often do and ask… “So where do babies come from?”

Sounds like time for another list.

Celebrate youth… and Run on!

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  1. LOVE this! I agree with all of those reasons for running, every one of them. Made me smile. Thanks for reminder me of why I run, too!

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