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Last week I posted the first part of a story about Fall race series that I’m involved with (serving as a race ambassador for Lexus LaceUp).

Ready for part two?

Ready to Revel?

Ready to Revel?

This week I’m here to give a shout out about the REVEL Race series, which kicks off its second season next month.

The REVEL Race series consists of a trio of marathons/half marathons:

  • REVEL Rockies (Denver, CO) – 7/19/15
  • REVEL Big Cottonwood (Salt Lake City, Utah) – 9/12/15
  • REVEL Canyon City (Azusa, CA)- 11/7/15

If you’re looking for a fast course, then look no further. All three REVEL races feature downhill courses with descents as great as 5000.’ If you’re in the mood to set a PR or hoping to qualify for Boston, then you should give these courses a serious gander (and yes, they’re all USATF certified).

Oh, and I should mention that the races have some incredible scenery. The courses are nestled up in the mountains, providing some vivid vistas. While running the REVEL Big Cottonwood Half Marathon last year I remember being amazed by the view and uttering “Wow” out loud several times.

And if you’re still on the fence about giving the a REVEL race a try, check out the myriad of runner’s perks the series offers:

  • Sweet shirts.

    Sweet shirts.

    Stylish men’s & women’s tech race shirts (with the option to choose tank top, short sleeve or long sleeve shirts).

  • No registration “convenience” fees.
  • Discounts for social media or joining a team.
  • Great bib transfer and race withdrawal policies.
  • Free race photos.
  • Free personalized runner’s video.
  • Awesome finisher’s medals.
  • Additional runner’s swag, like gloves and a mylar blanket for race morning.
  • Great food at the finish line. In addition to the snacks you expect, REVEL races in the past have also had: pizza, chicken nuggets, fresh pie, soda and beer (for +21 runners).

Pretty sweet, don’t you think?
If you want to learn more about the REVEL series, click on the medal below.

Click to Visit

Click to Visit

As one of the REVEL Race Ambassadors I can help you save a little green on the way to a potential PR. By joining Team “Tripping The Kenyans” you can save $5 on each race registration (in addition to the $5 social media discount, if you choose). Interested? Then click on my team race links below:

Any questions about the race series, please drop me a line. I hope to see you out on the mountains this season.

Revel in the experience… and Run on!

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  1. I would also caveat (unless this has changed): generous deferment policy. (I may have to take them up on this, if it’s still the case.) I agree with your general assessment(s), but I have only completed the (Cottonwood Canyon) version of Revel. I was scheduled to run the Canyon City marathon, and was forced to become a DNS, due to some issues. I hope to see yourself and my friends at the canyon City Marathon and Half this year-it will be my lifetime 200th Marathon on my 50th Birthday. No personal records for me, unfortunately, I have slowed too much in the 23 years since I set my marathon PR. As to Cottonwood Canyon-I sandbagged the event last year-ran for the gorgeous scenery to rightfully attest to. Stopped a lot and took pictures, ran with various marathoning pals. This year the race has been pushed further up into the canyon and is faster than before, thus my initial motivation to re-enter. That said, I may need to defer to 2016 for scheduling issues and other potential more local events that month.

    • I certainly hope to see you at Big Cottonwood and Canyon City. I’ll most likely be doing the halfs at each race. I am hoping to PR at one of those two (PR’d at Cottonwood in 2014). I am bummed that I won’t be able to run the REVEL Rockies race again this year (due to a crazy schedule)… have to do that in 2016.

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