Did you ever notice that every month, week and day seems to be designated as “officially” belonging to something.

For example, here’s a list of all of the things that have laid claim to this 30-day block of calendar real estate.


National “Whatever” Day.

June is “National ____ Month.”

  • Soul Food Month
  • Camping Month
  • Dairy Month
  • Country Cooking Month
  • Iced Tea Month
  • Candy Month
  • Great Outdoors Month

And within this month, each single day apparently has been been appropriated for other causes.

Thursday, June 4th is “Hug Your Cat Day.” So be sure to give a giant squeeze to Baron Fluffy McFour Paws III (don’t all cats have big formal names that we never call them by).

Sunday, June 7th is “VCR Day.” I guess we’re all supposed to give Netflix a 24-hr vacation, dust off our DVD ancestors and watch a grainy copy of BEVERLY HILLS COP. Oh, and don’t forget to “Be Kind and Rewind.”

And Monday, June 8th is “Upsy Daisy Day.” No, seriously. It is.

Hi Tech circa 1982.

Hi Tech circa 1982.

Why do I bring this up, other than to encourage people to get their daisies all upsy?

Well, the first Wednesday of June is slated as “National Running Day.” So, that would be today.

Today is the day that non-runners are given that extra bit of pressure to get out there and experiment pounding some pavement. Perhaps those normally “non-runners” might actually realize that putting one foot in front of the other repeatedly doesn’t suck as much as they once thought. And maybe, just maybe, they might go out for another run once this Non-Hallmark holiday has come and gone. We can only hope.

Needy kitty.

Needy kitty.

Now, us regular runners certainly don’t need any more reasons to lace ’em up and hit the streets/trails/track/treadmill. Hell, we’d probably go for a run even if it was “National For The Love of All That is Holy Don’t Go Running Today Day.”

As for me, though, I could actually use a little pick me up this one time. I’ve been in a running funk the last few weeks and could use a little extra boost to help shake it off. Wednesday is not a normal running day for me, but I think I’ll switch it up and clock just a few miles this morning.

Should be good.

Besides, Friday is “National Donut Day.” And it’s really hard to eat just one.

Celebrate The Day… and Run on!

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