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While the calendar says Summer is officially still a few weeks away, for all intents and purposes it’s already the Sum-sum-summertime.

Four for the Fall.

Four for the Fall.

For many of us pavement pounders, June-August is a bit of a downtime between the Spring and Fall racing seasons. Higher temperatures makes training a little tougher (and having to get out there earlier to beat the heat). Vacations are in high swing, along with plenty of other outdoor activities lobbying for our limited free time.

As a result, race availability during the summer months isn’t quite as packed as it is during the other seasons.

My summer race schedule is going to be quite light this year as I regroup, shuffle up my training regimen and think ahead to the Fall race season. If you’re pondering what races to run in the latter half of 2015, I’ve got a pair of race series that I’m involved with (aka an ambassador) for you to consider.

Ooh, a two-parter post (how very Kill Bill/Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows of me).

This week it’s the Lexus LaceUp Running Series. 

Earlier this year I shared that I was chosen as an ambassador for the Lexus LaceUp Series, which is comprised of four fall races in Southern California. Well, good things have been “afoot” for them and I wanted to give you the skinny on the series.

This past week LaceUp announced the date for the fourth race in the series, which had been a TBD up until now. So here’s the latest:

  • Irvine– October 17th (10k/5k)
  • Ventura– October 24th (Half/10K/5K)
  • Palos Verdes– November 14th (Half/10K/5K)
  • Riverside– December 6th (Half/10K/5K)

The races are run along scenic sections of SoCal and maintain the feel of a small-town race. They’ve got some pretty cool runner perks as well:

And we're off.

And we’re off.

  • Cool tech shirt and finisher’s medal
  • Reusable race bag
  • Race day packet pick-up
  • A good transfer policy
  • Free race photo posted online (make your best race face)
  • Post race food truck brunch and Sierra Nevada beer toast (liquid carbs)

In addition, the series recently announced two additional “challenges,” which means more bling opportunities!

Lexus LaceUp Running Challenge Series– Run all 4 LaceUp races (any distance) and you earn an extra finisher’s medal along with a registration fee discount.

The 805 Running Challenge- Runners who complete 3 of the 4 “*805” area code races will get an additional challenge prize:

  • Ventura Half or Full Marathon
  • The 805 Run (8.05 miles)
  • Lexus LaceUp Ventura Race (half marathon)
  • Santa To The Sea (half marathon)

I’m not sure what the prize is… could be your very own polar bear or an all-expenses-paid trip to Bora Bora. Probably not, but who wants to pass up a chance for more bling/swag.

You can check out everything about the LaceUp Series by visiting their website. Click on the image below.

Click Here to Visit The Website.

Click Here to Visit The Website.

I’m planning on running all 4 LaceUp races this fall and if you’re interested in pounding some pavement with me, I get to use my ambassador-ness and bestow upon you a 15% discount on your registration costs.

When you’re registering, just enter the code: laceupscott

No muss, no fuss.

And if you decide to run any of the LaceUp races this fall, drop me a note.

Lace ’em Up… and Run on!

Next Week: Part 2 of “Pencil Me In” features the REVEL Race Series

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  1. Yeah, not a fan of summer running (especially since I live in the High Desert where it’s typically somewhere between 98 and forget about it. I’m doing the America’s Finest City Half in SD in August, but then nothing until the Long Beach Marathon. I really want to focus my marathon training specifically, hence no September race. After that, of course, I’m signed up for the Big Sur Half and the Pomona Holiday Half. And I’m sure some others will pop up along the way (the Lace Up Riverside is certainly on my radar).

    • Hey…congrats again on SD RnR. My summer line-up has changed quite a bit since I first laid out my 2015 schedule. I’m still doing the Peachtree Road Race (10K) next month, but a scheduling logjam means I’ll miss the REVEL Rockies race. I’m also going to pass on the Madison Half in August. I might pick-up the Conquer The Bridge 5-miler on Labor Day, but otherwise my next half won’t be until REVEL Big Cottonwood in Sep. We do what we have to, right? And please let me know if you decide to run LaceUp Riverside.

  2. I am going to do some cross training / events over the summer, so that my marathon #s “fall” into place for my milestone marathon in November.

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