The holiday season is in full swing.

Run run Santa!

Run run Santa!

Between finishing up things with work for the year, holiday parties, Christmas shopping and planning for holiday travel, I’m one busy little elf. I have a feeling I’m not alone in this… am I right?

Well, ever since my crazy 3-pack of half marathons in one weekend back in November, I have taken things a little easy race wise. I had planned to run a 10K on Turkey Day, but decided to rest up. Even this last weekend I strongly considered doing the Santa Monica Christmas Run (another 10K) but again opted to hold off on pushing it.

Mind you I’m still running, as I continue to train with T2 in preparation for the Los Angeles Marathon in March.

This Sunday, though, I’ve got one last race for 2014. It’s the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon in Oxnard.

Now last year I ran the Holiday Half Marathon in Pomona. Curiously, I ended up being one of their “poster boys” as my “antlered” mug is featured prominently on their website. Check it out:

Holiday Halfing it.

Holiday Halfing it.

It was a fun race and I strongly considered doing it again this year. However, the Holiday Half and Santa to the Sea race are the same day, so I couldn’t do both.

Decisions, decisions.

In the end I decided to give Santa to the Sea a go this year, just to shake things up a little bit. Variety is the spice of life after all… am I right?

Well, my race bib and timing chip for Santa To the Sea came in the mail yesterday (I decided to bypass the expo) and I’ve purchased a new goofy piece of holiday headgear for the race (to be revealed in due time). I’ve prepped my race mix (with a few holiday tunes tossed in for good measure) and today I’ll go purchase a toy for their holiday gift drive.

Looking forward to the race on Sunday and celebrating the season by pounding pavement to the ocean amidst a sea of Santas.

Ho ho ho… and Run on!

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  1. Okay, first of all, after the three-peat, you can’t really say “The Santa to the Sea and the Holiday half are the same day, so I couldn’t do both.” You’d have to say, “They’re at the same exact time and in the absence of a time-traveling DeLorean, I couldn’t do both.” I really enjoyed the Holiday Half, to the point where it may be among my favorite three or four races thus far. Beautiful course, not TOO difficult (though the hills around Bonelli Park aren’t exactly cake walks), and all the charm of a smaller local event (a welcome change after back to back Rock and Roll races).

    • Good point about the simultaneous race. Perhaps I could have run one and let my evil clone “Skippy” run the other. I’m currently writing up my review of Santa To The Sea. It was fun, but I enjoyed the Holiday Half and will most likely be back there in 2015. Glad you had fun.

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