Hi Everyone,

Race trimmings.

Race trimmings.

Just a quick post today with two tidbits:

First off, a post mortem from yesterday’s race: The Santa To The Sea Half Marathon.

Yup, this was my last race of 2014… race #17 of 17.

My goal time for the race was simply to come in at 2:10:00 or below.

Fortunately, my legs didn’t let me down and I crossed the finish line with a whole 6 seconds to spare.

You can check out my race stats below.

Data... wonderful data.

Data… wonderful data.

And here’s “bit of tid” #2.

PRO COMPRESSION is having a year-end sale for those of you looking for stocking stuffers or stockings in which you can stuff things (like you legs).

Time to stock up on... stockings.

Time to stock up… on stockings.

Yup, you can save 42% off everything. Why “42,” you may ask?

Perhaps PRO Compression is channeling their inner Douglas Adams, because “42” is the answer to “Life, universe and everything.”

Or at least it’ll help you run and recover faster.

And for those of you desperately searching for “Secret Santa” gifts or just enjoy surprises in general, you can get the “Grab Bag” of marathon socks or calf sleeves. You get 3 “mystery” pairs of marathon socks for $65 or 3 pairs of sleeves for $60.

Click here for the GRAB BAG LINK to learn more.

Head off to their website: and check ’em everything they’ve got in stock.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of the Santa To The Sea Half Marathon.

Have a good day… and Run on!

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  1. And when you go to buy the Pro Compression gear, don’t forget your towel.

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