Scott in a Mylar blanket

Mmm mmm mmm…Toasty!

For those of you out there who haven’t noticed (or are living in SoCal where it’s beach weather in January), it’s still winter out there people. That means cold mornings before the sun comes up (and sometimes after). And while we all know the downside of wearing too much clothing for a race, it can be downright nippy waiting an hour for your race to start… especially when it’s 48 degrees and you’re standing around in shorts and a T-shirt.

There are many ways to keep warm prior to a race, from wearing “toss away” thrift store clothes to the ever-stylish garbage bag. Well, here’s a little tidbit that will keep you warm and not looking like a garbage bag with legs. And better yet… it’s FREE.

At the end of most cold weather races, when you cross the finish line volunteers are standing by to give each finisher a Mylar blanket (that tin foily looking thing) that keeps your body heat from escaping. It’s a wonderful thing and I am always thankful to be wrapped like a turkey that looks like it’s ready to be popped into the oven.

As soon as most racers get home they promptly toss their Mylar blanket in the trash.

DON’T! Save it.

Mylar blanket in a Ziplock bag

Blanket in a bag!

You can fold that badboy up so small that it fits easily into a quart size Ziplock bag (I bet if you’re really good at folding you can get it in a sandwich bag). Set it aside until your next race and then bring it along with you to use should the weather be a bit on the chilly side. Then toss it before the gun goes off. And here’s the best part, a brand new Mylar blanket will be waiting for you at the finish line.

Feel free to sing the “Circle of Life” if you want.

Run on!

(Please feel free to share any of your helpful hints)

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