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Hi Trippers!

Sorry for my blogging “MIA” this week. Things have been a tad busy on the work front. But that is a good thing.

Multi-tasking blows.

Multi-tasking blows.

I’ve got a new entertainment project I’ll be producing that is about to get underway any day. Can you say “impending greenlight.” More news on that when I’m able to share any details.

In the meantime I’m trying to finish up the first draft of my latest script, which is only going to get harder once the other project kicks off. I see some midnight candle burning in my near future as I want to minimize any overlap.

And on top of that, I’m finally taking the big plunge (long overdue) and starting my own production company. And that feels like a job in its own right. Let’s just say that between paperwork, legal forms and business related minutiae the day can quickly get away from you. Of course there’s also fun stuff, like having a company design a logo for me and getting the website built (wait I’m building the website too… more work). Read the rest of this entry

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