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The Number 5

The Cinco!

Quick, what is your “favorite” number?

Is it lucky number “7” or do you tempt fate and go for “13”? Fans of Douglas Adams opt for “42” while fans of something entirely different sway toward the number “69.” Maybe you like “99” in support of the “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky or “3.14159” because who doesn’t like “pi”? “Mmm, pie…. Ahhh” (in your best Homer Simpson voice).

My favorite number has always been “5.”

Why? Because number 5 was worn by my favorite athlete from when I was a kid… my older brother, Todd. He was a natural athlete, exceling at both soccer and wrestling. As for me when I was little, I was an average athlete at best and always wanted to be more like him.

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