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…’cause every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man. -ZZ Top

The Purple People Eater for the OC Marathon.

The Purple People Eater for the OC Marathon.

Let me start by saying that I am no slave to fashion. In fact I often dress like fashion is a four letter word.

I’m fairly certain there have been days when the fashion police dispatched their S.W.A.T. team and one of the fashion snipers had me in the crosshairs asking H.Q. for the command to open fire.

The irony is my dad is one of the best dressed men I’ve ever known. In fact, he spent his entire career working in men’s clothing for several of the biggest high-end clothing retail department store chains. He’s always “Dressed to the nines” while my level of dress could be measured in fractions… very small fractions.

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Surf City Start

Hope you’ve got the right shirt on.

This past Sunday almost 20,000 runners tore it up along Pacific Coast Highway as they ran the Surf City Half & Full Marathon. And I couldn’t help but notice as I motored along with my running brothers and sisters that literally thousands of them were committing a huge fashion faux pas.

They were wearing the 2014 Surf City Marathon tech shirts given to them for the race.

That’s a no-no!

Now, the Surf City shirts were pretty sweet this year… yellow for the guys and pink for the ladies. That said, those are the only two shirts in the world that should NOT have been worn during the race.

You may think I’m crazy and wondering “Why shouldn’t someone wear the shirt given to them specifically for that race?”


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