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Hi Trippers!

Click on the Pic!

Click on the Pic!

Thanks to everyone who entered the “Band on the Run” contest for a chance to win a FREE Paceband.

Whether you’re aiming to PR at a marathon, half marathon or other race, having a Paceband on your wrist can give you the info you need to help you achieve your goal. Be sure to check out the Paceband website for a full listing of their products (click on the picture to the right).

So without further ado, let’s announce the winners:

Guys- Diddier Castillo

Ladies- Jennifer Napier Ellison

Congratulations and here’s wishing everyone PRs in their next race.

And keep visiting “Tripping The Kenyans” as we’ve got more contests coming and as always, plenty of banter for you to enjoy!

Run on!


Hi Trippers!

Battle of the bands!

Battle of the bands!

Don’t forget to enter the drawing to win a FREE Paceband (one winner for the guys and one winner for the ladies).

Here’s all you have to do…

  1. Go to the Tripping The Kenyans Facebook Page (and why not give us a “Like”).
  2. Post the goal time you’re shooting for in your next race (half or full marathon).
  3. And what wrist (Left or Right) you’d wear the band on.

That’s it.

Pacebands are currently available in a multitude of finish times for Marathons (2:30- 6:00) and Half Marathons (1:15- 3:00). And for those of you who must color coordinate every bit of your running outfit, Pacebands do come in a variety of colors.

The contest ends Monday, May 19 at 9pm (PST). The winners will be chosen at random and announced on Tripping The Kenyans on May 20th.

Run on!


Hi Trippers,

When you’re running a race… be it a marathon, half marathon or other distance, you’ve got a goal time in mind. Right?

Battle of the bands!

Battle of the bands!

For me, it’s been 5-hours in the marathon and 2-hours in the half marathon.

The dilemma though is how do you know if you’re on target to crush that time or if you’re falling behind and need to pick up the pace. While your GPS watch can give you your current time and a slew of other info, it’s not always so good at telling you (in a quick glance) if you’re on race pace or not.

Enter the Paceband!

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