Hi Trippers,

When you’re running a race… be it a marathon, half marathon or other distance, you’ve got a goal time in mind. Right?

Battle of the bands!

Battle of the bands!

For me, it’s been 5-hours in the marathon and 2-hours in the half marathon.

The dilemma though is how do you know if you’re on target to crush that time or if you’re falling behind and need to pick up the pace. While your GPS watch can give you your current time and a slew of other info, it’s not always so good at telling you (in a quick glance) if you’re on race pace or not.

Enter the Paceband!

Check out their website by clicking below:

Click on the Pic!

Click on the Pic!

They’re cool silicone wristbands you wear and use in conjunction with your GPS (or other timing device) to let you know each mile just how hard you’re killing the course.

"Band on the Run!"

“Band on the Run!”

Pacebands are currently available in a multitude of finish times for Marathons (2:30- 6:00) and Half Marathons (1:15- 3:00). And for those of you who must color coordinate every bit of your running outfit, Pacebands do come in a variety of colors.

Now, here’s the really cool part… the gang at Pacebands wants to give you a chance to get your very own Paceband for FREE.

I’m going to be giving away two Pacebands (one for the dudes and one for the ladies).

Here’s all you have to do…

  1. Go to the Tripping The Kenyans Facebook Page (and why not give us a “Like”).
  2. Post the goal time you’re shooting for in your next race (half or full marathon).
  3. And what wrist (Left or Right) you’d wear the band on.

That’s it.

The contest ends Monday, May 19 at 9pm (PST). The winners will be chosen at random and announced on Tripping The Kenyans on May 20th.

Good luck… and Run on!

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  1. I have always found for big races having a pace band or card very useful. I would wear on my right next to my watch otherwise I might from looking back and forth between the two. I am hoping for a 5:30 for my first marathon.

    • Very cool. And the great thing about your first marathon is you are guaranteed a PR. What race are you going to do?

      • The Louisiana Marathon. I have heard such great things about it and I love that it’s a smaller field. You only get to bust your 26.2 once so I wanted a more intimate setting.

      • Excellent. I like mixing up big races with small races (intimate races do have their charm). You’ll have to be sure to let me know how the race goes.

  2. Cool! I’m shooting for a 1:55 half at the end of the month, so if I had one of those on my left wrist right by my watch, maybe I’d keep my head in the game the whole time.

    • Excellent. Well if you win the contest I think you’ll have time to be sporting it come the end of May. What race are you running?

  3. 5:30 marathon on my left wrist, in hot pink if possible, would rock. Done alot of marathons, but still can’t do the math in my head by mile 18 or so LOL

    • Cool. And the winners get to choose whatever distance, time and color they want… and yes, they do come in pink. I know what you mean about math slipping later into the run. After mile 18 I’m pretty happy I still know my own name.

  4. I’m shooting for a 4:45 marathon in Chicago!! I would wear the band on my right hand! My math is terrible – whether its at mile 4 or mile 24!

  5. I need a new band! My 4:30 band, that I purchased last summer, is no longer good, because I beat that time at Space Coast Marathon! I would like the 4:20 pace band and would wear it on my right wrist.

    • Well that is a good reason for a replacement. I’ve heard the Space Coast Marathon is a pretty cool race. How do you like it?

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