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Hi everyone,

It's like this, but a bit more rainy.

It’s like this, but a bit more rainy.

Been having such a good time touring the South with Lindy that I’ve decided to stay down for another week, visiting Cape Canaveral (NASA… Woo Hoo) and spending a few days in my old college stomping ground of Sarasota. FYI, Florida State’s graduate film school was located in Sarasota for its first few years of existence before moving up to the main Tallahassee campus.

As a result, however, I’m going to be missing my first scheduled race of the New Year… the aptly titled New Year’s Race Half Marathon on Saturday night in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, they don’t offer bib transfers or deferrals so I just have to eat the registration cost. I’m not thrilled about that, but it’s a small price to pay for another week of fun in Florida (or “America’s Wang” as Homer Simpson puts it). Read the rest of this entry


Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re up early and ready to dive into 2015, perhaps even with a quick run to start things off on the right foot.

And for those who rang in the New Year with a vengeance last night…

I hope you’re up and having a great first late afternoon of 2015 and enjoying sipping water on the couch while the bongos continue to play in your aching head.

Well, hello there 2015

Well, hello there 2015!

Either way, welcome to the new year and perhaps the “new you.”

And just like counting down the ball dropping in Times Square on TV, singing “Auld Lang Syne” and getting a smooch at midnight are traditions of the new year, so to is the dreaded “list of resolutions.”

Yup, each year we get to erase the bad habits of last year, like shaking a giant etch-a-sketch over our heads (some people have to shake it harder than others). And then we start anew by making a checklist of things we plan to do differently this time around.

Here’s a list of the top ten resolutions that seem to pop up every year: Read the rest of this entry

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