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Fun with made-up words!

Fun with made-up words!

Hi Trippers!

Just a quick pair of tidbits today keeping you “informated*.”

*NOTE: Okay, I know that “informated” isn’t a word, but rather a typo I just made. But doesn’t it look like it should be a word?

Okay, sometimes my brain gets way ahead of my fingers (not that I’m the greatest typist to begin with… I’m fast, but not accurate) and I come up with some wonderful typos that can confound even smartest of spellcheck programs. So in honor of my fingers having a mind of their own, I’m going to keep that word and use it occasionally. How’s this for a definition?

Informated (verb): to haphazardly impart one’s supposed knowledge to others in the hopes of broadening their understanding on a topic or at least making them smile over use of such a silly word.

“I informated to everyone that while ketchup is a wonderful condiment, mustard should be used in its place on hot dogs as a gesture of goodwill.”

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