Fun with made-up words!

Fun with made-up words!

Hi Trippers!

Just a quick pair of tidbits today keeping you “informated*.”

*NOTE: Okay, I know that “informated” isn’t a word, but rather a typo I just made. But doesn’t it look like it should be a word?

Okay, sometimes my brain gets way ahead of my fingers (not that I’m the greatest typist to begin with… I’m fast, but not accurate) and I come up with some wonderful typos that can confound even smartest of spellcheck programs. So in honor of my fingers having a mind of their own, I’m going to keep that word and use it occasionally. How’s this for a definition?

Informated (verb): to haphazardly impart one’s supposed knowledge to others in the hopes of broadening their understanding on a topic or at least making them smile over use of such a silly word.

“I informated to everyone that while ketchup is a wonderful condiment, mustard should be used in its place on hot dogs as a gesture of goodwill.”

Okay, now what was I saying.

First off, PRO Compression has unveiled its “Sock of the Month” (aka “Sock du Month”) and it’s a pretty sweet design, a kind of gradient “splash” available in both Royal Blue and Purple.

Click on the image below to learn more.


Click on Image.

Click on Image to visit PRO Compression.


Oh, and you can save 40% until the end of August (and free shipping on orders over $20) by using the code word “COOL.” Supplies are limited, so don’t snooze and lose.

Tidbit two has to do with the “Race in My Place” contest that I’m running. Today is the last day to enter.

Win yourself a FREE entry (marathon or half marathon) to the REVEL Rockies Race.

Click on the image below to enter.

Click on the image to enter.

Click on the image to enter.

Or you can cut and post the link:

And remember the contest ends sharply at 9:00pm PST tonight!

Consider yourselves informated.

Have a good “hump day”… and Run on!

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