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"Bye bye bye."

“Bye bye bye.”

In 1985 Coca-Cola changed their classic formula, introducing “New Coke” and America lost its friggin’ mind in protest.

Each year when McDonald’s brings back the McRib sandwich “for a limited time,” people swarm to the Golden Arches like it’s the last time they’ll ever ever ever get the chance to purchase their favorite “barbecue-flavored restructured pork sandwich.”

Let’s be honest, when it comes to food, we Americans need our feed and absolutely savor our flavor.

And I am no exception.

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Big Box o' Chomps!

Big Box o’ Chomps!

I’m excited because I got a visit from the “marathon fairy” today. Okay, it was UPS, but they were bringing me goodies. Inside the package was some running swag and a big box of GU Chomps that I’d ordered. The timing was great because I’d just used my last pack on Saturday and needed to re-supply.

I know that a lot of my non-running friends (yes, I have them) are surprised when I say that not only do I need to drink when I run (a blog topic to come), but I also need to eat. I figure they have an image of me chowing down on a burger and fries as I clomp along the streets of Burbank and Glendale. While it’s nothing as fancy as that, proper eating (or fueling) during a half or full marathon can be the difference between finishing strong or “bonking.”

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Gear Prep

Dressed for success.

Tomorrow is my first race of 2014, the New Year’s half marathon in LA. That means tonight I get to go through my “night before race day” gear preparation. To non-runners who witness this ritual, it must seem like I’m experiencing an OCD episode combined with demonic possession. But to those of us who regularly run, the race prep is a sacred rite and part of the whole race experience.

Like the baseball players who don’t shave their beards during the playoffs or the football fans who refuse to wash their lucky jersey during a win streak (yuck), runners have their own superstitions or specific way of doing things that needs to be embraced… or at least tolerated.

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