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A funky little running post today, because it’s not really about my run this weekend… but rather what came after.

Let me get the “sweaty” out of the way first. T2 had a short 5-mile run planned for Saturday as training for the 2016 Los Angeles Marathon is just really starting to get going.

No trick, just treats.

No trick, just treats.

I, however, have another half marathon (Lexus LaceUp Ventura) in just three weeks, so I ended up adding an extra 6-miles after our group run (for a total just under 11 miles). One of my new T2 running buddies decided to join me on the jaunt so I wouldn’t have to run solo. We had a good time chatting and burning a few extra calories.

Now to the after…

I have a few post long-run rituals, one of which is to treat myself each Saturday to a big fountain Diet Coke (I do prefer the fountain to either bottles or cans) for the drive home. Another is to get my sweaty self home asap so I can get a much-needed shower. Read the rest of this entry

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