A funky little running post today, because it’s not really about my run this weekend… but rather what came after.

Let me get the “sweaty” out of the way first. T2 had a short 5-mile run planned for Saturday as training for the 2016 Los Angeles Marathon is just really starting to get going.

No trick, just treats.

No trick, just treats.

I, however, have another half marathon (Lexus LaceUp Ventura) in just three weeks, so I ended up adding an extra 6-miles after our group run (for a total just under 11 miles). One of my new T2 running buddies decided to join me on the jaunt so I wouldn’t have to run solo. We had a good time chatting and burning a few extra calories.

Now to the after…

I have a few post long-run rituals, one of which is to treat myself each Saturday to a big fountain Diet Coke (I do prefer the fountain to either bottles or cans) for the drive home. Another is to get my sweaty self home asap so I can get a much-needed shower.

This week, however, I had a little bit of a detour to make first. And it led to something delicious.

Can ladies every have enough shoes? Of course not.

Can ladies every have enough shoes? Of course not.

Lindy recently purchased a few pair of shoes on-line form Nordstrom’s Rack. And by a few, I mean many.

Unfortunately, the shoes ended up being a little small for her feet and needed take a one-way trip to Return Town. Seeing as how the nearest Nordstrom’s Rack is near Burbank where I run on the weekend, I volunteered to accrue some extra boyfriend points by serving as Lindy’s shoe sherpa.

So, after I finished my run I stopped for my obligatory Big Gulp DC (Boo to 7-Eleven for ending their $.99 Summer pricing) and started to head for Nordstrom’s Rack, when I realized the store wouldn’t be open for another 30 minutes.

And I was hungry. Quite hungry. A 1,918 calorie deficit caused by running 11-ish miles hungry.

But at the same time I didn’t want a big breakfast, just a snack to tide me over until I got home.

Yum. I say again, yum.

Yum. I say again, yum.

Then my eyes spied a sign. A wonderful sign.

Krispy Kreme.

And my belly went: “Oh hell yeah.”

Now I typically don’t eat doughnuts. In fact I go out of my way to avoid them.

Not because I hate them, but rather because I love them.

As a kid growing up on the east coast, I always enjoyed going to Dunkin’ Donuts and getting me a coconut doughnut (don’t judge) or a box of Dunkin’ Munchkins and devouring them. How I long for that boyish metabolism I had.

Snap back to the present and I happily sauntered through the doors at Krispy Kreme.

Now, my id was screaming for me to buy a cool dozen (think of the savings) and dive face first into doughnut nirvana.

And Christmas doughnuts will be here before you know it.

And Christmas doughnuts will be here soon.

Of course then I might as well get right back out there and run another 11 miles to burn it off.

The voice of reason, however, was thankfully able to drown out my id.

So I ordered a doughnut. One single doughnut.

With Halloween sprinkles.

As I walked back to my car I held that doughnutty goodness like Gollum cradling the one ring that binds them.

Then I ate it, taking my sweet ‘ole time to savor every single bite.

And it was delicious. Stupid good delicious.

So good in fact that I started to head home before I realized I still had shoes to return.

A momentary lapse of reason caused by sprinkles.

And if you have a lot of donuts, you better run.

And if you have a lot of donuts, you better run.

In the end, I circled back and returned Lindy’s shoes earning “double” boyfriend points in the process.

And my doughnut dining will go back on hold… until maybe a Christmas time Krispy Kreme treat (red & green sprinkles anyone). After all, I do have a modicum of willpower and self-restraint.

Wait, didn’t they recently open a new Dunkin’ Donuts just down the street from our home?


Dunk the doughnut… and Run on!

NOTE: Here’s a link for those people torn on the “Doughnut vs. Donut” spelling conundrum. Check it out.

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  1. Doughnuts are a gift from the food gods. It is good that you didn’t deny the tasty treat they put in front of you. I hope you got triple boyfriend points for returning the shoes and answering the call from the food gods.

    • They are so good, they’re evil. And I’ve learned (the hard way) that a little doughnut goes a long way. It’s easy to scarf down several quickly, but then your gut turns to cement. One satiates the desire and doesn’t make you feel too guilty. As for boyfriend points, I did rack up several… but truth be told, the girlfriend has amassed far more points than I (she’s pretty awesome). Thanks for reading.

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