“We don’t need no education.”

As we sit here at the end of August, it’s clear that the “season” is upon us.

Now that season can mean different things to different people.

For my nieces, it’s means that “school season” is underway. And boy are they thrilled to be back in the classroom (cue the sarcasm). My oldest niece told me how exactly much she is digging working on a paper this weekend for her literature class. FYI, it’s not a lot.

Now, for the tens of millions of football fans around the country, college football season gets underway this week (technically it started on Friday with the game between Cal and Hawaii in Australia). And the NFL kicks off a week later. My Badgers are facing a ridiculously tough schedule this season, while my Seminoles are expected to compete for the ACC title and a spot in the playoffs.

As for my Packers (I can say “my” because I do own a share of the team)… they are one of the odds on favorites to represent in Super Bowl LI (let’s start calling it “Super Bowl Lithium”).

And as for Elmer Fudd… well he is forever torn between duck season and rabbit season.


“Duck Season. Rabbit season.”

So what does this whole “season” nonsense have to do with running?  Patience grasshopper.

This upcoming week marks the beginning of another season for me… my fall race season. After a fairly race free summer (just the Shoreline 10K in July) I haven’t brought home any excessive bling since early May.


“Yeah, but it’s a dry heat.”

Granted I haven’t exactly been sitting on my laurels (ouch). I’ve been continuing my thrice weekly running workouts, but with fewer miles and a more mellow pace as I dealt with summer heat and humidity. Oof, it can get hot out there.

But in the last four weeks, I’ve been ramping things up in preparation (my pre-season if you will) for the upcoming season. On Saturday I did a final prep run, logging a dozen sweat-filled miles.

This upcoming Saturday I ease into the season with the Lexus LaceUp Irvine 10K, which will also serve as my taper run for the REVEL Big Cottonwood Half Marathon which is the week after.

All in all I’ve got eight races current scheduled between now and Ho-Ho Day.

  1. Lexus LaceUp Irvine 10K- 9/3/16
  2. REVEL Big Cottonwood- 9/10/16
  3. Lexus LaceUp Ventura Half – 10/22/16
  4. REVEL Canyon City- 11/12/16
  5. Lexus LaceUp Palos Verdes 10K- 11/19/16
  6. Atlanta Half Marathon- 11/24/16
  7. Lexus LaceUp Riverside Half- 12/4/16
  8. Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run (10K)- 12/10/16

Of course, there is some wiggle room built in here and I might drop a race or swap one out.


Bring on the bling.

And in October, I will also start training with Team To End AIDS in preparation for the 2017 Los Angeles Marathon (my 8th go round on that race).


As for my race goals/expectations for this fall, the two REVEL races give me a pair of chances to push my pace (as I continue to chase the elusive 2-hour half marathon barrier). Other than that, I’m just looking to have fun and run solid races.

Oh, and if my fall race plans don’t change, the Lexus LaceUp Riverside Half Marathon in December will be my “golden” (50th) half marathon. Sweet.


Looking forward to a fun and bling-filled fall.

Go Badgers. Go ‘Noles. Go Packers… and Run on!

How many races do you have planned for the fall? Share your schedule.

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  1. I have had a lopsided year. After setting up a hectic first half of the year, I realized I was getting burnt out. Winter/Spring saw three destination races (WDW, DL, Fargo), 3 HM, one full marathon, and several multi race weekends. The summer is my short triathlon season which was more subdued (3 local sprint triathlons) which just ended this weekend. Fall isn’t even a season…more like a weekend. Doing the Twin Cities Loony Challenge (1 mile, 5k, 10k, 10 mile) as part of the Twin Cities Marathon Weekend (biggest race weekend of the year in MN). Usually I pack in a bunch of throwaway races in the fall, but I need a lighter schedule. After that, nothing until the Hot Chocolate 15k in April. I’ll still be training, just less racing…

    • Thanks for the note. Destination races are fun, I try to schedule at least 1 or 2 a year (and add a new one). And I certainly know the burned out feeling, so it’s smart to take a break when you feel you need one. The Twin Cities challenge sounds fun… I’ve never done four day incremental challenge like that. Also, I would like to do a Hot Chocolate run. 15K would be a new distance for me and they do have several in races in CA. Be sure to let me know how the TC challenge goes.

      • Thanks. Just to clarify, the challenge is a 5k and a 10k on Saturday then the 10 mile on Sunday (last year, I did the Ultra Loony which was the same thing but a marathon instead of the 10 mile on Sunday). They also have a 1 mile fun run on Saturday (untimed) that I throw in since…I’m there, it’s only $10, and a get another shirt and the medal complements all the other medals that weekend…no bling left behind!

        Destination will only be one. Omaha Nebraska. 6 hour drive and may not sound like anything special…but it will host the 2017 USA Triathlon Age Group Championships. I qualified last weekend by winning my Age Group at a local triathlon 2 weeks ago…so I am kindof excited!

      • …I agree, never leave a shirt or bling behind. And Omaha sounds like a fun time. Want to hear about that too.

  2. I have a slew of 13.1’s coming up (two in Sept. and one in October) and then Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa in November. Two words: Go Hawks!! 😉 (just had to throw that in there)

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