11150477_476062995889424_5336102178984688662_nIt’s about a bajillion degrees outside this week in Los Angeles (and apparently other parts of the country as well). I did a four mile run this morning and it felt like I was slogging through a sauna.

That’s the joy of summer running.

But as “liquid awesome” (the happy term I use for sweat) was erupting from every pore imaginable during my run, I started thinking ahead to cooler weather and fall races. They will be here before you know it.

So here’s a fun SoCal race series to consider as you start filling up your autumn run calendar: Lexus LaceUp.

Note: I was an ambassador to the Lexus LaceUp Series in 2015 and am happy to be lacing ’em up again with them this year.

Here’s the skinny on the Lexus LaceUp race series for those of you searching for the 411.

The tech shirt from 2015. What’ll the design be in 2016?

The Lexus LaceUp series is comprised of a quartet of races throughout the fall:

  • Irvine– Sep. 3rd
  • Ventura– Oct. 22nd
  • Palos Verdes– Nov. 19th
  • Riverside– Dec. 4th

The races features a variety of distances on cool courses for runners of all ages (8+) and paces.

  • Half Marathon (Ventura, Palos Verdes, & Riverside only)
  • 10K
  • 5K
  • 1K Kids run

Note: While the Irvine race doesn’t feature a half marathon distance, it does have a unique marathon relay race (check it out here).

And the races all feature some pretty nifty racer perks, such as:

  • Tech T-shirt (The 2015 design was cool, can’t wait to see 2016)
  • Re-usable Race Bag (I use mine at Trader Joe’s all the time)
  • Cool Finisher’s Medals (Designed by you, check out the gallery)
  • Finish Line Photos (show off your sweaty smile)
  • Sierra Nevada Beer Toast (Carbo loading after the race)
  • Food Truck Brunch (I had a mac & cheese hot dog after one race)
  • Chip Timing/ Realtime Results (for Facebook bragging)

And like last year, they’re offering the LaceUp Challenge in 2016. Run all 4 races (any distance) and you earn a special (as yet unseen) “challenge medal.” Last year’s was a cool piece o’ bling to add to the collection. (Click here to learn more).

Pretty sweet, right?

Okay, if you haven’t gone off to register already then let me sweeten things even more. While the races are already reasonably priced, you get 20% off each race (after the first one) when you sign up for multiple races in the series.

Thumbs up at the finish.

And here’s the big kicker. If you sign up using my ambassador code: laceupscott, you get a killer 30% off of your registration costs (and yes, that 20% off for multiple races still gets added).

That’s right, you get almost 1/3 off of the races just for putting up with my ramblings (that’s a fair trade, right).

And as an added bonus, if I see you on any of the courses, I will personally give you a “hi-five” as you pass me. Just don’t ask for a sip of my beer after the race… I mean friendship does have to have some limitations, right?

So click here to sign up for one (or more) races.

One last note, LaceUp has their first free Saucony training run of the season this Saturday (7/30) in Irvine… and of course there will be swag and giveaways (Click here to learn more and register).

Lace ’em up… and Run on!

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  1. Oops, read the other one first. And yes, this is also on my 2017 agenda (Riverside). You’re an excellent salesman.

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