Did you ever have an event sneak up on you?

Sneaky races.

Sneaky races.

Something that you marked down on your calendar months ago and banished it to the deepest recesses of your memory (aka you basically forget that sucker) only to have it suddenly pop up going: “Here I am.”

A birthday, anniversary, trip, holiday… or dreaded DMV appointment (btw, I have to renew my license in March).

It’s like a calendar ninja just stealthily sneaking up on you and waiting to pounce.

That’s pretty much the feeling I have with my Fall racing schedule.

Yup, we’re talking about 5 races that are staring me right in the kisser.

Go ahead and make the appropriate “kissy face” sound effect. I’ll wait.



Replace “busy” with “run.”

Now, I didn’t forget about these races. If you ask Lindy, it’s pretty much impossible for me to forget anything about running.

And I have been training (I just did a 11.5 mile training run on Saturday).

But this past week I was planning out my schedule for the next six weeks and it really hit me that I’m going to be quite the racing fool between now and Turkey Day (gobble gobble).

Here’s the lowdown on my pavement pounding near future:

  • 10/17- Lexus LaceUp Irvine (10K)
  • 10/24- Lexus LaceUp Ventura (13.1)
  • 11/07- REVEL Canyon City (13.1)
  • 11/14- Lexus LaceUp Palos Verdes (10K)
  • 11/26- Atlanta Half Marathon (13.1)
All you races get in a line.

All you races get in a line.

I did have the foresight to spare my legs a tad and not overload on the back-to-back-to-back long races this Fall… no 3 half marathons in 33 hours like I did back in 2014. You can read about that “Insane-o-thon” here.

I’m an ambassador to both the REVEL and Lexus LaceUp race series, so I plan to be spending some extra time at the races (look for me at the expos and/or after the races) and also giving some post-race coverage/reviews here on TTK.

So, line those races up like a row of sweaty dominoes and let’s get busy.

Run on!

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  1. No Rock ‘n’ Roll LA? Surprising. I’m doing the 5K there on the 25th, then Big Sur Half Marathon on 11/8. Really looking forward to that one. Finally did the full at Long Beach, completing my quest to do both the half and full at all three Beach Cities races. Of the three marathon courses, Long Beach is most definitely the best. Looks like we won’t be crossing paths much this fall though . . . are you doing the Holiday Half in Pomona this year?

    • Hey Chris…congrats on Long Beach (really hot from everyone I heard). And I’ll definitely want to hear how Big Sur Half goes. No Rock ‘n’ Roll LA this year for me. I’m an ambassador to the Lexus LaceUp series (4 races with them this fall) and they have a half marathon (Lexus LaceUp Ventura) the day before R ‘n’ R LA. I’m trying not to overdo things this year so no back-to-back races in a weekend. And since I might be heading off to Australia mid-Dec. I don’t think I’ll be doing Holiday Half either (doing LaceUp Half Riverside on Dec. 6). I’m already looking ahead to 2016 races, so I’m sure we’ll bump into each other soon.

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