For those of you who have visited “Tripping The Kenyans” over the last month you’ve probably noticed one thing.

Where the hell has Scott been?

Where the hell has Scott been?

I’ve been nowhere to be seen… or read for that matter.

Yup, I’ve been “Blogging MIA.”

I apologize for my absence, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

Now I haven’t been spending my time just lounging on the sofa scarfing down Doritos and binge-watching Netflix… although that does sound kinda sweet.

Actually, I’ve been bouncing non-stop from one thing to another (some fun changes afoot). I’ve been on both coasts and juggling both work and play. I’ve even managed to do a some running and finished a summer race.

And rather than give you one big summary post, I figured I’d catch you up in quick bites over the next week or so.

So check back tomorrow for the first installment of my “Summer Snippets.”

Run on!

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