Hi Trippers,

I know it’s been a few days since I last posted.

6646-rest-areaAnd for those of you who hang on my every bad pun, inane pop culture reference or self-deprecating comment, you must have gone through a tad bit of withdrawal. Sorry about that.

And where have I been?

Simple. I’ve been visiting the land of “rest and recovery,” a quaint little place where you kick back and go “ahhhhhh.”

Since last Sunday’s LA Marathon (or “Sauna-thon” given the really high temps), I’ve been trying to take it easy.

On Monday and Tuesday I was still hobbling around like a drunken toddler. I finally hit the gym on Thursday for a little elliptical workout to see if my legs still even functioned. They did.

So we may do more pounding of the pavement.

So we may do more pounding of the pavement.

On Friday, I went for a short run: just 4 miles. Not too bad. And this Sunday I did another short run to further stretch out my gams.

I plan to be back in the gym full-time next week.

Now that’s not to say that this past week hasn’t been busy. I spent several days trying to use up my “birthday freebie” coupons at various eating establishments, since I didn’t get to use them last week.

Visit birthday freebies to sign up for some “once a year” gratis goodness.

On top of that, it’s been a bit hectic on the work front. In addition to hacking away at my feature script (really want to finish this draft), I got some very good news about a project that I’ve been waiting on and will have some announcements to make in the near future. Yippie!

Back to running…

My next race up is the Hollywood Half Marathon (on April 11th) so I’ll be doing some prep work for that starting this week.

I’m also waiting to see if I got into the 2015 Peachtree Road Race. I entered the lottery and I find out the results later this week.

Finally, I’m also dealing with some running shoe/orthotic issues as I’m considering changing both. More on that later.

So have a good Monday and I’ll catch you all a bit later in the week.

Rest, recover… and Run on!

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