Marathon runners love their bling and race swag.

Bring on the bling.

Bring on the bling.

After each race is run and done, I happily hang my new race tech shirt in the closet… the latest addition to my growing sweat-wicking wardrobe.

The race medal finds a nifty spot on my medal hanger, a shiny reminder of the miles run.

Heck, I even keep my race bibs, which go onto another display rack in my bedroom.

But about a year ago I decided I wanted another memento of the race experience, something different that could serve as a daily reminder of the fun I have when racing.

Enter the pint glass.

Surfing pint.

Surfing pint.

Yup, just as some people collect refrigerator magnets or spoons or shot glasses from their roadtrips, I’ve decided to add that 16oz beverage holder to my race bling treasure trove.

And as for the “everyday” component, I drink liquids everyday (be it water, soda or a fermented malt beverage… aka beer) so why not have a race-related souvenir from which to swig my soft drink?

Let’s just say it makes that glass of water taste a little better when it flows from a glass with a race emblem on it.

Works for me.

Now, my collection of pint glasses is nowhere near as large as my medal or T-shirt stash. It’s actually rather small, as not every race offers a pint glass. In fact, the majority of the races don’t have ’em (maybe this story will give them a push).

16 oz of San Diego Rock 'n' Roll.

16 oz of San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll.

But if I attend a race expo and they have a pint glass with their logo on it for sale, I pony up (kudos to the Rock ‘n’ Roll series as they seem have the best ones out there).

This year I grabbed pint glasses at Surf City, Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego, R ‘n’ R Los Angeles and Disneyland (although Disney’s was a basic glass).

So I happily have a new gaggle of glasses, to which I can say “Bottoms up.”

And I wanted to end this story by mentioning someone who did something very nice (and pint glass-related) for me. She deserves a big shout out!

As many of you know, I ran a 3-pack of half marathons on Nov. 15-16 (REVEL Canyon City, Avengers Super Heroes, Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas).

Since I was going to fly into Vegas just hours before the race (I was doing same day bib pick-up), I realized I was going to miss the race expo and my chance to grab the R ‘n’ R Las Vegas pint glass.

I e-mailed the race and received a reply (and later a phone call ) from their merchandise manager Darlene Nevins.

After I explained my sorta silly obsession for race pint glasses, Darlene said she would make sure that a glass was waiting for me at the information table on race day (very very cool).

My newest addition. Thanks Darlene!

My newest addition. Thanks Darlene!

Unfortunately, on race day when I asked at the information booth (after the race) the person I spoke to didn’t know anything about the glass. Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Besides, at that point I just wanted to go back to my hotel and sleep.

Cut to Tuesday, and I’m home unpacking from my trip. Suddenly the phone rings and Darlene is on the other end, apologizing for me not getting my glass. She verified my address and said she would be sending the glass to me in the mail immediately… for free.

Cut again to Saturday and a knock on my door as the postal carrier hands me a box. My pint glass had arrived.

Needless to say I am very happy.

Not just because I got another race pint glass for my collection, but also because of the very nice gesture that she did for a complete stranger.

To Darlene I say a very big “thank you”… or perhaps “Cheers” is more appropriate.

Run on!

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