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Catching rays at the Shoreline Half Marathon.

Catching rays at the Shoreline Half Marathon.

Today’s Shoreline race was a first for me… my first half marathon in the month of July.

Typically at this point I’m well into my summer training mode, which means a break from longer races, shorter training runs, getting out early in the morning (as close to dawn as possible) and complaining about the heat while I’m pounding the melting pavement.

After a great Peachtree Road Race on July 4th (navigating heat and humidity toward a 10K PR), I was looking forward to the Shoreline Half Marathon to see how I’d handle a half marathon in the heat.

And it was hot today in Ventura. Temps were in the 70s at the 8am start and very sunny (nary a cloud in sight). Coupled with very little tree cover to provide shade and things got rather toasty out there.

While the run started off well, the heat did manage to kick my ass a little and I stepped off the gas, especially later in the race. I ended up treating the half marathon more like a training run as I look ahead to a busy second half of 2014. And one very cool thing to note, not a lick of pain from my left leg. It seems the injury that plagued me for much of June is healed (knock on wood).

Not my finest race, but still a fun time at this more “intimate” event.


CHIP TIME– 02:15:21

PACE– 10:21 min/mile


The Shoreline Half Marathon race review to be posted tomorrow.

Run on!

P.S.- Congrats to Germany on winning the World Cup.

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