Hi Trippers!

A bicentennial of babbling.

A bicentennial of babbling.

Just two quick posts today…

The first one is a pretty cool milestone. According to good ole WordPress, today’s article represents the 200th post for Tripping The Kenyans.

When I started the blog back at the end of December (as part of my New Year’s resolutions) I wondered if I would indeed stick with it for the long haul… so many resolutions seem to fall by the wayside, don’t they? We start out passionate and then quickly lose steam as something else catches our attention (ooh look, shiny red ball).

A bicentennial of posts later and if nothing, my passion for TTK has grown stronger than the day I first took pen to paper (or should I say hands to keyboard).

I’ve learned a lot over the first six months of writing this blog. Similar to training for running, each post is like a little writing workout. I get better by working up a sweat with the ole noggin.

Sometimes the writing goes great. I might have a topic that I just can’t wait to spout about. Other times my brain seems to be firing on only 3 synapses and I struggle for a coherent thought.

There are days when I write “full tilt boogie” and wish I could type faster just so I could keep up with my witticisms. And then there are those days where my WPM (words per minute) feel more like WPM (words per MONTH).

200Oh and I apologize for the grammar mistakes that make their way into my musings. Even though I’ve been writing professionally for over twenty years (screenplays, media, magazines) grammar and punctuation still seem to kick my ass more often than I’d like to admit.

Damn you comma! You’re my best friend and nemesis at the same time.

And… yes… I… do… like… the… ellipsis… a… little… too… much.

Thankfully, you are a forgiving bunch.

But even if I struggle with an article, it’s still like a running workout (or pizza)… the only bad writing for me is no writing.

Put simply, I’m having a helluva lot of fun. And I want to thank you all for the support and positive comments I’ve received.

So, here’s looking forward to the next 200 posts!

As for my second bit o’ info, I recently ordered a bib hangar and a second medal hanger (feels good that I filled up the first one). Well, I finally got around to hanging them last night and wanted to share a pic or two.

I’ll be back on Sunday with a Post Mortem about the Shoreline Half Marathon. Have a great weekend everyone!

Run on!

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