When checking your race calendar, which month is overflowing with the most races… and “all of them” is an acceptable answer.

Here’s the latest “Fast Fact” to challenge your cabeza.

Run on!



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  1. Most of the marathons I really want to do are in the Spring….if only a few more of them were in October!

    • If you’re looking for a great October Marathon, I strongly suggest Chicago. Long Beach is another good one (first half of the course anyway).

      • Chicago is actually on my list of marathons I really want to run, but I’m bummed that it’s much harder to get into nowadays. I’m a planner, so lottery systems drive me a little nuts. Maybe a topic for a future debate blog post? Hahaha

      • I understand, lotteries are a mixed blessing. I actually already did a post on Chicago’s lottery back in January called “Do You Feel Lucky.” Check it out…and always willing to revisit topics.

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