I hate to wait.

I hate to wait.

Five days.

Five whole days.

Five zip a dee doo dah dad-gum days.

Yup, it’s been five days since I’ve run one step or done any kind of exercise.

And it kinda sucks… correction, it totally sucks.

On Sunday I ran the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and during the race I got a cramp in my left leg (and a big ‘ole blister on my left foot). And running through the cramp basically ended up giving me a bit of a pulled muscle in the back of my leg (thinking it’s probably the hamstring).

Now it’s not a bad pull (as least as far as I can tell) and it’s gotten significantly better each day.

I’ve also been doing my R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) diligence.

So far so good.

In fact, as of yesterday afternoon I couldn’t even tell that I pulled anything as it doesn’t hurt me at all when I walk. But I have yet to try and run on it.

And I also know that just because it isn’t hurting me when I walk doesn’t mean that sucker is fully healed, in fact I can almost guarantee it isn’t 100%.

I’ve had friends who have suffered from the effects of severe hamstring pulls (and even hamstring tears) and let me tell you, that is a club I do NOT wish to join.

So, I’m erring on the side of caution and waiting. Begrudgingly waiting.

But I want to run… badly.

As my friends know, I get a bit cranky when I’m sedentary. And after five days I am bouncing off of the walls. I’m probably quite a real pain in the ass to be around… which I would argue is still better than a pain in the hamstring.

Apparently everything in Atlanta is named Peachtree.

Apparently everything in Atlanta is named Peachtree.

Fortunately, this little twinge came actually at the best time possible as I don’t have another race until July 4th. And it’s not a marathon or half marathon, but rather the Peachtree Road Race, a fun 10K in Atlanta that I’ve run many times before.

I’m hoping to PR this race, so I do need to get out and do some speedwork sooner rather than later.

But I best be smart about this.

So, I’m going to take tomorrow off (my normal Saturday run) because I’ve got the “Produced By” conference going on at Warner Bros. Studios. So at least I’ll be properly distracted.

But come Sunday, I’m going to get out there and give it a go. Not a very long run, mind you. Perhaps just six easy miles, definitely no more than eight.

If it hurts, then I’ll stop and rest the leg some more. I won’t want to, but again, I best be smart.

But boy do I want to run.

Is it Sunday yet?

Run on!

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  1. I really hope you heal very soon. Definitely give it the time it needs though, a pull/tear usually isn’t painful when walking, but running is another story.. If you like swimming or biking and have the chance to do it, they are good for cross training.

  2. “Run through a cramp? That’s frigging IMPOSSIBLE!” – Lebron James

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