Hey Trippers!

Just a quick Saturday post because it’s a really nice day out and I’ve got a bunch o’ stuff to do.

So, this AM I ended up doing a 10-mile short run with my T2 running buddy Stacey (one of my favorite people to run with).

We’re both running the OC Marathon in two weeks and we’re in “taper” mode, which means taking it a little easier and getting ourselves healthy and rested before we pound the crap out of our feet on May 4th.

The new zoo revue.

The new zoo revue.

Our course was a familiar out & back (one we’ve both run dozens and dozens of times before) starting at the parking lot for the LA Zoo, then heading through Griffith Park and out onto the streets of Burbank.

We kept the pace nice and casual (I’m still recovering from my 20-mile jaunt last week) for the first 8 or so miles.

Around 8 1/2 miles, Stacey decided she was going to dial it back a little and told me to go ahead for the rest o’ the run.

To the victors goes the gulp!

To the victors goes the gulp!

And yup, I decided to turn it up a bit, forgoing walk breaks in the last mile and a half and pushing my pace around the 8:20 min/mile mark… felt good.

And to reward myself for my efforts, a 7-11 Big Gulp diet coke fountain drink afterwards. To be honest, even if it was a lousy run, I still would have Big Gulp’d it.

I’m happy, refreshed and now it’s on with my Easter weekend (I do see a chocolate bunny in my near future… and yes, I will eat him ears first).

Hop hop… and Run on!


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