"Bon appétit."

“Bon appétit.”

Hey “Trippers!”

(BTW, how’s that for a nickname for people who like the blog?)

Things are uber-zany at work this week so I only have time for a quick post today.

It’s the writing equivalent of when you don’t have time to get to the grocery store, don’t want to order a pizza and are determined to make dinner from whatever is left in the fridge… in my case a diet coke, some margarine, three types of mustard and some spinach lettuce. Oof.

PB&J anyone?

So, just two little tidbits to tide you over until I can write something more filling tomorrow.

Same time, next year.

Same time, next year.

First off I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the ARC “Running Ambassador” contest. Sadly, I wasn’t able to amass enough votes to win. But, I do plan to give it another go next year. And it certainly wasn’t a total loss. In fact I see it as a “win.” I’m a “glass is half full” (of beer) kind of guy. To thank me for my efforts, A Runner’s Circle is giving me a race shirt and a gift certificate to the store (perfect timing as I need to order new shoes). They are a class bunch of people.

But more importantly, I got to see the outpouring of “running love” from my friends. My FB page was overflowing with people voicing their support and praising me for my accomplishments and helping others. It truly warms my heart and makes me feel very thankful.

Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

As for my second “Bit of tid,” I wanted to share an article I saw posted by Runner’s World magazine… or rather, a pictorial. In my “Freaky Foot Chronicles” posts I’ve talked about how unpretty I feel my feet can be.  Marathon running has certainly done nothing to up their beauty… they would definitely be “Nope-d” on the foot version of “Tinder.” Well, this compilation of footsies make mine look glamourous.

Seriously, it’s a collection of feet that only a mother could love and something I wish I could un-see. But like watching a pile-up on the freeway (and hoping to see Homer Simpson dancing in his underwear around an overturned beer truck), you can’t help but look.

You’ve been warned… who am I kidding? You’re going to look.

It all goes downhill from here.

It all goes downhill from here.

Have a good first day of Spring and Run on!

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  1. Haha, the feet pat of your post is so funny!!! I love your humor!!! I hope you had a great day!!!

  2. Any true FrankenFeet or do I still get to keep that title?

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