Run on Frazz!

It’s Sunday and I just got done reading the paper.

Yes, the Sunday paper.

While I have embraced digital delivery (most of my reading is done on my iPad and Kindle), there’s still something I love about picking up the LA Times off my doorstep each weekend and rifling through the sports section, Sunday circulars and a brief stop in the Books & Arts section to get my horoscope (hopefully the signs say it’ll be a good day). But to be honest, the biggest reason I still get the Sunday paper has to do with one colorful section that makes my inner 5-year-old smile each week.

The comics.

Like many of my friends, I grew up following Charlie Brown, spending time in Bloom County, taking countless trips to The Far Side, checking in on Garfield and hanging out with Calvin & Hobbes. Sure, I’ve reluctantly grown up (physically anyway), but each day I still start my day perusing the current comic strips… whether it’s in the paper or viewing my account on

If you haven’t read the comics in a while, then use this as an excuse to visit GoComics (or any other comics site) to look up the humorous stories and touching tales that are just waiting for you to visit. Trust me, one trip and you’ll be hooked all over again. I could list two dozen strips that make up my daily read list, but better you sample the strips yourself and discover the ones that tickle your funny bone or tug at your heartstrings. Today, I just want to tell you about one…


Created by Jef Mallett back in 2001, the strip tells the story of Edwin Frazier (aka “Frazz”) the unlikeliest and wisest custodian you’ll ever meet. To describe it in Jef’s own words (from the Frazz Facebook page)…

Frazz's creator

Jef Mallet

“Frazz took a job sweeping up at Bryson Elementary School when he was a struggling songwriter trying to make ends meet. But once the hits started coming, Frazz wasn’t going. There was too much there. Too much action, too much curiosity, too much friendship, too much material, too much life.”

It was a strip that immediately caught my attention and hasn’t let go, as I see a little of myself in Frazz and love his view of the world.

Now you may wonder why I’m talking about a comic strip on a blog dedicated to running? Well, Frazz is not only a master custodian, songwriter and schoolyard philosopher, he’s also a triathlete. And often the strips feature Frazz waxing about the joy, passion and inherent silliness of being an endurance athlete.

Oh, and I should mention that Frazz’s creator is also a triathlete and even completed the Ironman Triathlon; so he’s earned the right to poke a little fun at the sports we love so much.

Frazz Strip

Running wisdom from Frazz

After a strenuous run or workout, I truly enjoy getting my daily dose of Frazz, especially when he’s running alongside his longtime girlfriend Miss Plainwell or getting in another ludicrous debate with Coach Hacker.

But don’t take my word for it; check out Frazz for yourself and don’t be surprised if each day from now on your inner 5-year-old keeps bringing you back to Bryson Elementary School.

Run on!

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  1. Calvin and Hobbes was the greatest!! I liked your blog, Zulu Delta

    Here is a sample of my blog;

    • Thanks very much for the note. Calvin & Hobbes is one of those strips (like Frazz) that made me look forward to opening the comics page. I was truly sad when it ended (like For Better or Worse, Bloom County and Peanuts). And thanks for the link to your blog… I’ll absolutely check it out.

  2. Fun article Scott. It made me smile…

  3. I hadn’t heard of Frazz, he looks like an older version of Calvin. I used to love Calvin & Hobbes! Also Mafalda, originally in Spanish but might have been translated at some point, she’s brilliant (well her creator is I guess! 🙂

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