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“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.” -Anonymous

Starting Line Santa Monica 10000

And we’re off!

A chance to put forth plans to create a new and better you (version 2.0)… finally getting in shape, spending more time out of the office, finishing that damn novel that’s been stuck on page 7 since 2011. Wonderful plans that usually fall by the wayside come February 1st (or even sooner).

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To Hell and Back

I wasn’t smiling like this at mile 20.

Time for me to jump into the blogosphere with a site dedicated to those of us who love running. Who really, really love running.

Why a blog, you may ask?

Well, I was boring my family and non-running friends to tears as I went on and on about my running and races. Nothing like seeing that glazed over look appear on their faces whenever I uttered the words “I was running and…”

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