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“Always in motion is the future.”  -Yoda

Last year around this time, Disney opened up registration for the inaugural running of the Star Wars Half Marathon.

This padawan will be MIA.

This padawan will be MIA.

It was perhaps the ultimate “combo” for me (even better than that Reese’s chocolate/peanut butter hybrid)… fusing my love of marathon running with the geek awesomeness that comes from that galaxy far far away.

I signed up faster than you can say “But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters.”

Go ahead, say it. You know you want to. Oh, and be sure to give it that Tatooine farmboy whine.

And the race certainly did not disappoint. The atmosphere was electric and the runners’ costumes fantastic.

I made my personal trench run and brought home a Chewie tech shirt and a replica of the medal handed out when Luke destroyed the first Death Star. Talk about geeky nirvana. Read the rest of this entry

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