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Hi Trippers,

Not today.

Not today.

We all reserve the right to change our minds, right?

On Friday I wrote that come Sunday morning I was going end my weeklong recovery period and test out the leg with a 6-8 mile run.

Well, a minor setback on Saturday as I woke up with a really really stiff neck. Yup, it was one of those “it occasionally happens” kind of pulls caused by sleeping on it wrong (don’t ask me how). As a result I spent much of the day walking around like Robocop (aka stiffly). And after cheering on horsies at the Belmont Stakes, the US Men’s National Team in their final World Cup tune-up and watching the LA Kings win a 2OT thriller in the Stanley Cup Finals, my neck was still rather jacked.

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Homer Simpson

Days off make me go D’oh!

On Sunday, I didn’t workout at all. I didn’t go running. I didn’t hit the gym.

There were races I could have run… The Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Half or Full Marathon, Disney Tinkerbell in Anaheim, The Houston Marathon.

But I didn’t.

Instead I hit the grocery story, cooked some chili in the crock pot, watched a little playoff NFL football, and met a friend for a drink.

No real exercise to speak of whatsoever.

And I feel guilty.

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