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Hi Trippers!

Sock me!

Sock me!

After a brief hiatus following the OC Marathon, it was back to the gym yesterday to work out my “man gams” and start prepping for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in 3 1/2 weeks. During my two day hiatus, however, I noticed a big difference in comparison to how I felt following the LA Marathon back in March.

The day after the LA Marathon I lumbered around like Frankenstein’s monster (complete with incomprehensible groaning… and a fear of pitchfork wielding townsfolk). But this past Monday, just one day removed from my 26.2 mile Newport Beach jaunt, I was walking around with very little real discomfort (still scared of armed townsfolk though). So what was the difference between then and now? Had I improved my level of fitness tenfold? Acquired mutant recuperative powers like Wolverine (and hopefully retractable Adamantium claws)?


The answer is a pair of socks… compression socks to be more specific.

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