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Last post I mentioned my chest cold was finally letting up and it was time to get back to pounding pavement (after two full weeks of inactivity).

Feeling a tad behind the 8-ball.

Feeling a tad behind the 8-ball.

So, I went for an short run last Tuesday to test the waters.

And it did not go well. Not well at all.

I started labored breathing around mile two and after three miles I threw in the towel. Either I was still a bit ill or my body had utterly forgotten how to run. (I hoped it was the former).

Let’s just say I desperately needed a “mulligan.”

I ended up resting another two days (to make sure the hacking and coughing were indeed done) and then doing a little elliptical work at the gym on Friday. It certainly wasn’t what I would considered an “A-level” workout (“remedial” is more like it), but at least I got through without “harfing” up a lung. Read the rest of this entry

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