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I just had one of those “blink and you missed it” weekends.

Yup, so busy that I didn’t even have a chance to whip off a post. So this morning I’m playing a little catch up.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of my last 48 hours.


Welcome to Griffith Park.

Welcome to Griffith Park.

Battled the snooze bar a bit, but did get out of bed a little after 6am to do my long run at Griffith Park. This run was more about the vertical than the horizontal as I’ve got a few “hill” races coming up this fall (more on that in the near future). So while I ended up doing a standard 10 miles, I did take not one, but two trips over “The Hill” (half mile up and a half mile down). Since my next race isn’t for four weeks (Madison Half Marathon) and I was still recovering from last week’s Shoreline Half Marathon, I went at a nice casual clip instead concentrating on my form. I did notice a lot of runners on the road today (a few running groups just started new training sessions and are overflowing with new faces) so there was a whole lotta waving and “Good mornings” going on. Read the rest of this entry

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