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This past weekend I experienced a pair of “byes” and it gave me a strong moment of clarity to reaffirm why I love distance running and races.

byeLet me ‘splain.

My main college team, the Wisconsin Badgers (Go Bucky) were on a bye this past Saturday and while I did keep tabs on my other alma mater Florida State (Go ‘Noles), I kind of felt disinterested in college football for a weekend. It was similar to how I didn’t really care so much about pro football last weekend when my Green Bay Packers were off. A little bit of out of sight, out of mind.

Now also this past weekend I didn’t run a race. I’ve got a half marathon in two weeks, the Lexus LaceUp Ventura Half Marathon, so I was just doing a long run in preparation. Believe it or not, most weekends I don’t run races (only about 12 out of 52 weekends annually am I actually on a bling hunt). Read the rest of this entry


Jeez, I’ve been swamped lately.

What, me sweat?

What, me sweat?

My inbox has overwhelmed my outbox, leaving me not nearly as much time as I’d like to visit here and wax poetic.

Feels like I barely have enough time to run, let alone write about it. Hopefully, I can find some time to catch up on things in the not too distant future. I’ve got a list of fun topics to write about. Just need to carve out some time for it.

So this past weekend I ran the Long Beach Half Marathon, my 11th race o’ the year and my 30th half marathon overall (fitting as the Long Beach Marathon was celebrating its 30th anniversary).

Bib and bling.

Bib and bling.

I hit the expo on Friday and planned to post a bunch of photos, except the battery on my iPhone 4S died just as I walked through the front door of the convention center.

So I’m only left with those mental images… what are they called? Oh yes, I remember now… memories.

I had a good time at the expo, running into some friends and familiar vendors. I picked up a few items and did my best to mask my utter disappointment at the race’s tech shirt (it was white, plain and pretty darn awful).

Read the rest of this entry

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