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Running can be funny. There, I said it.

Challenging, painful at times and sweaty… but also damn funny.

And to a comic strip junkie like me, it’s great to see talented writers/artists making light of pounding the pavement.

Each day I’m sure to catch the latest panels featuring my favorite runner/musician/custodian “Frazz.” Jef Mallett’s strip is both funny and thought-provoking and one of my daily treats.

And if you haven’t caught the “out there” and damn witty musings of The Oatmeal, you’re missing out. Matthew Inman waxes wacky about everything from exploding kittens to overly-sensitive xenomorphs to the awesomeness that is Nicholas Tesla. He also likes to poke fun at running (let’s hear it for The Blerch).

Check ’em both out here:

Click here for "Frazz"

Click here for “Frazz”

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