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Surf Bling!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday football fans and you know what that means… yup, time to race. As part of another annual tradition, The Surf City Marathon and Half Marathon kicked off another chapter of their seaside scramble. And unlike the blowout “big game” between Seattle and Denver yesterday, the Surf City Marathon and Half Marathon was an exciting time from start to finish. Around 18,000 runners (2332 Marathon finishers/ 15447 Half Marathon finishers) lined up yesterday along PCH at Sunrise in preparation for the race and to gain a 2,000 calorie deficit before heading off to their respective SB parties. Let the game begin…

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Packed bags

They always say the most important night of sleep before a race is two days before. So, today should have been my day to sleep in. Apparently someone forget to tell my brain that little tidbit as I woke up on my own at 5:00am. Of course I’m typically up this early on Saturday to run anyway, so no biggie…

Let’s get up and at ‘em. Time to head down to Huntington Beach and brave The Surf City Expo.

So bags are packed, hydration continues and it’s time to tally ho, sally forth and all that jazz.

More to come…

Run on!

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