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Hey Trippers!

Even the ice cream man is not immune.

Even the ice cream man is not immune.

I arrived in Atlanta last night for a week of quality family time and also to run the Peachtree Road Race (a great “near-annual” tradition for me).

Of course running in Atlanta during the middle of summer is not for the “faint of heart.” In fact, if you’re not careful you damn well could faint.

It’s hot in Atlanta during the summer… how hot, you may ask? Enough that people give it the snickery nickname “Hotlanta.” Temps here are expected to be in the 90s this week. Now those of you in Arizona or New Mexico probably think that a 90-degree day is a cool wave compared to where you’re living. But the Southeast has that nasty ace up its sleeve so it can hit you with a double whammy.

It’s the “H-word” (and it should be considered a curse word)… humidity.

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