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5000 MILES

That's a whole heap o' pavement pounding.

That’s a whole heap o’ pavement pounding.

When you’re driving down the highway and glance at your odometer, don’t you get a little bit excited when you see you’re just about hit a milestone mile mark?

10,000 miles… 25,000 miles… 50,000 miles… or the Crème de la Crème… 100,000 miles.

Well, I’ve logged all of my miles since I started distance running in October of 2008 (a little OCD, I know). And this past Saturday I hit a milestone mark during mile 2 of my 20-mile run (prepping for the OC Marathon coming up in 3 weeks).

I just rolled my “running odometer” (or should I say pedometer) past 5000 miles.

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