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SONG: “Love Runs Out”

GROUP: One Republic

ALBUM: “Native” (Repackaged)-  (Released 2014)


Getting "Native"

Getting “Native”

I’ve got a challenge for you. Go pick up One Republic’s “Native” CD and find the track “Love Runs Out.” Actually, that’s not really a fair challenge.

First off, good luck finding a music store (not a lot of them around, are there). But if the Best Buy near you manages to stock their music section or like me you live in a town where you can find a cool “used” music store like Amoeba, you may actually be able to put your mitts on a physical CD (when was the last time you bought one of them).

Trick is while the song is on the album, it’s not on the CD… huh?

More on that conundrum in a bit.

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