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Me in my pre-Tripping The Kenyans days... rocking the froggy!

Me in my pre-Tripping The Kenyans days… rocking the froggy!

Babies are cute.

Like really cute.

Messy, but really really cute.

I always tell people the reason babies are so cute is that they use this cuteness to trick you into taking them out of the hospital. And like driving a new car off of the lot, once you leave the premises… no returns.

Now as my friends know (and my mother bemoans), I am unmarried and don’t have any kids of my own. I’m a pretty damn cool uncle if I do say so myself… I am saying so; if you ask my nieces, they’ll probably tell you I’m weird.

Cool uncle-ness aside, why am I talking about babies?

And especially why I am I talking about babies in a running blog? What could babies and runners possibly have in common? Last I checked, those little guys and girls can’t stand up yet, let alone run races.

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