Here’s hoping everyone has been enjoying the holiday season, spending quality time with family and friends and looking forward to 2016.


Okay 2016, let’s bring it!

Of course the upcoming arrival of “baby new year” also means it’s time to start thinking about those annual aspirations… the dreaded New Year’s resolution.

As I ponder how I can better myself during the calendar’s next go-round (such as laying off the french fries… ooh, they are my kryptonite), I’m also considering my proposed pavement pounding plan for 2016.

To put it simply, my race strategy for 2016 is to “take it as it comes” (anyone else now humming Steve Winwood in their head). I’m going to work hard, but at the same time not get too bent out of shape if things occasionally go awry. And definitely listen to my body if it needs some rest.

As for racing goals, I continue on my quest to break the 2-hour mark in the half marathon, as well as run a sub 5-hour LA Marathon. Here’s hoping that 2016 will be the year I achieve one if not both of those longstanding goals. And of course I’ll keep working on achieving PRs this year, but also realize that I don’t need to push for a new personal record every time I slap on a race bib.

Baby New Year

Baby New Year is ready to run!

Oh, and most importantly… have fun.

I’ve got a “tentative” list of races planned for the year. Of course, in looking at years past, my tentative list has always shifted quite a bit… races get added, races get switched and some fall by the way side.

So, one other change I am making in 2016 is waiting a little longer before shelling out my registration fees for races. While I may spend a few more bucks by being a “Johnny come lately” I won’t risk having to eat race fees in the event I have to skip a planned race. In 2015 I ended up not being able to participate in a trio of races that I had paid for and had to eat the fees on two of ’em. Yuck.

And I’ll probably put in yet again for the NY Marathon lottery. If in the unlikely chance I get in (0 for 3 so far) my fall race schedule will probably get all jumbled up.

All that said, here is what I’m currently proposing to run in 2016:

  1. Los Angeles Marathon- 2/14/16
  2. Great Race of Agoura- 3/19/16
  3. Hollywood Half Marathon- 4/9/16
  4. REVEL Mt. Charleston- 5/7/16
  5. REVEL Rockies- 6/12/16
  6. Peachtree Road Race- 7/4/16
  7. Ventura Half Marathon- Sep. ’16
  8. REVEL Big Cottonwood- 9/10/16
  9. LaceUp Irvine – Oct. ’16
  10. LaceUp Ventura Half- Oct. ’16
  11. REVEL Canyon City- 11/12/16
  12. LaceUp Palos Verdes- Nov. ’16
  13. Atlanta Half Marathon- 11/24/16
  14. LaceUp Riverside Half- Dec. ’16

(I can’t wait to read this list again next Christmas to see how many changes I ended up making).


…and then there were four.

One last note: I had mentioned last week that I delayed posting my 2016 races for a reason. And now I can finally say why. Rumor had it that the REVEL race series was going to be adding a fourth race to its schedule… well, now it’s official.

Click here to check out the skinny on the REVEL Mt. Charleston race on May 7th.

And yes, I will be running it.

So, I’ll catch you all after the new year (Lindy and I will be celebrating NYE in Nashville) and I’m looking forward to 12 brand spanking new months of running (and blogging).

Happy New Year… and Run on!


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  1. Have fun in Nashville! I was there in September and loved it.
    Happy Running and best wishes for a great year!

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